The Worlds Largest Constellation of Researchers on Intestinal and Respiratory Mucus and Mucins!!

The Mucin Biology Groups is a consteallations of about 25 researchers at the Department of Medical Biochemistry, Sahlgrenska Academy, the Medical Faculty of University of Gothenburg. There are currently 9 PI groups and has a genuine international atmosphere with a majority of researchers and postdoctoral fellows from other countries than Sweden. English is the language written and spoken in the laboratory.

The Mucin Biology Group was founded by Gunnar C Hansson and he still has the largest group. He has obtained several large grants from ERC, NIH and Wallenberg Foundation. These are used for cutting edge research, but also to build unique and collaborative athmosphere and state of the art instrumental set up. We alo have many international and local collaborations with Prof. Fredrik Bäckhed and Magnus Simren. Localized to the same premises are also Dr. Niclas G. Karlsson (glycan analytical chemistry), Professor Susann Teneberg (bacterial adhesin sepcificities) and Professor Sara Lindén (mucus and Helicobacter). Together we make up the largest centers for mucins, mucus biology and glycobiology in the world with almost 50 scientists.

The groups have recently moved to newly redesigned and rebuilt laboratories located on the top floor of an attached building to the Department. The house is directly coupled to the animal house where we some 50 different mouse starins. We have all necessary equipment and instruments directly available (except electron microscopy for tissue and cryo-EM) on our floor. We also have our internal computer network with >500 Tb storage and backup.

The group is hard working and determined to further improve and develop our international leading edge position within mucin and mucosal surface research. Still the groups have a very nice, friendly, and collaborative atmosphere according to present or previous members.

If you are considering doing a post-doctoral period, a Ph. D., or a shorter project work in the Mucin Biology Groups you should know that you are very welcome and that everybody will do their best to help you and to create a nice time for you.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me or any of the other PIs.


January 2021

Gunnar C. Hansson

Professor, founder of The Mucin Biology Groups