Gunnar C. Hansson, M.D., Ph.D.
PI., Professor of Medical Biochemistry
Link to his CV
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Telephone: +46 709 490005
Malin E. V. Johansson, Ph.D.
PI, Universitetslektor
Telephone: +46 729 610 501
Thaher Pelaseyed, Ph.D.
PI, SSMF Large Grant
Telephone: +46 31- 786 3046
George Birchenough, Ph.D.
PI., Bitradande universitetslektor, Wallenberg Center
Telephone: +46 72 331 9626
Sjoerd van der Post, Ph.D.
PI, Researcher Vetenskapsradet
Telephone: +46 79 336 7872
Ana Vaz Luis, Ph.D.
PI, Researcher, SSMF and Vetenskapsradet
Telephone: +46 76 935 9550
Jenny Gustafsson, Ph.D.
PI, Researcher Physiology, Vetenskapsradet, Univ. Gothenburg, affilitated to the Mucin Biology Groups
Telephone: +46 736 754132
Beatriz Abad, Ph.D.
Post-doctoral researcher from Spain with GCH
Liisa Arike, Ph.D.
Forskarassistent from Estonia with GCH
Maria-Jose Bonete (MaJo), Ph.D.
Post-doc with GCH
Telephone: 073 696 1892
Brendan Dolan, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral researcher from Ireland with GCH
Anna Ermund, Ph.D.
Researcher from Sweden with GCH
Karl Hansson, Ph.D.
Post-doctoral researcher with GB
Karolina Sjöberg Jabbar, M.D., Ph.D., Post-doc with own salary from Wallenberg Foundation
Sofia Javerfelt
Ph.D. Student with TP
Telephone: 073 831 7695
Kristina Johansson,
Post-doc with own salary from Wennergren, on parental leave
Asa Johansson,
Ph.D. student from Vaxjö with MEVJ
Telephone: 076 721 8163
Elena Layunta, Ph.D.
Post-doc from Spain with TP
Telephone: 070 765 8519
Dev Mahadevan Venkita,
PhD student from India, with G.B.
Elisabeth Nyström, Ph.D.
Post-doc with own salary from Vetenskapsradet in Kiel, partly in Gothenburg
Anandi Rajan, Ph.D.
Post-doc from India with TP
Telephone: 072 224 7819
Christian Recktenwald, Ph.D.
Researcher from Germany with GCH
Akshi Singla, Ph.D.
Post-doc with GB
Francesco Suriano
Post-doc from Italy, with MEJV
Sara Thulin, R.N.
Research nurse
Telephone: 073-3823323
Sergio Trillo-Muyo, Ph.D.
Forskarassistent from Spain with GCH
Tiange Lang, Ph.D.
Bioinformatic Researcher at Jinan University, China
Grete Raba with LA, PhD student, Estonia
Joanna Volk with GB, PhD student, Germany