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The HUMAN MUC2 and MUC6 sequences has been updated according the publication Svensson et al., (2018) and MUC3A, MUC3B, and MUC12 in Lang and Pelaseyed (2022) PLOS ONE. Here we provide databases of mucin genes, transcripts, protein sequences and functional domains. The databases are from published mucins and novel mucins found by bioinformatic mining of the available genomes. We hope that this site and its databases will be useful for you!

Citing this database: When you have used this database please refer to it in your publication: https://www.medkem.gu.se/mucinbiology/databases/

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1. T. Lang, S. Klasson, E. Larsson Lekholm, M. Johansson, G. C. Hansson and T. Samuelsson (2016) Searching the evolutionary origin of epithelial mucus protein components – mucins and FCGBP. Mol. Biol. Evol. doi:10.1093/molbev/msw066.


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4. Johansson, M. E. V., Thomsson, K. A., and Hansson, G. C. (2009) Proteomic Analyses of the Two Mucus Layers of the Colon Barrier Reveal That Their Main Component, the Muc2 Mucin, Is Strongly Bound to the Fcgbp Protein. Journal of Proteome Research 8, 3549-3557.


5. Lang, T. and Pelaseyed, T. (2022) Discovery of a MUC3B gene reconstructs the membrane mucin gene cluster on human chromosome 7. PLOS ONE 17: 2021.12.31.474548.

Compilations of Mucin sequences (organized by species). This collection of mucin sequences represents an update (Oct. 2022) and includes new updated sequnces for MUC3A, MUC3B, and MUC12. First DB 2006 is found at old database built in 2006. 1

Resources to accompany publication in Molecular Biology and Evolution in 2016 1

Compilations of Mucin associated sequences organized by protein4

Human and Mouse Proteomics Mucin Database (compiled as one FASTA file )3,4

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Old database2 built in year 2006.