Mucin   Species   Protein Length   mRNA   DNA   Note                    
1 mouse fasta domain 631 fasta Chr3qF1+ NCBI reference: NP_038633(mRNA: NM_013605).
2   mouse   fasta domain >2374   fasta   Chr7qF5+   Gap in PTS part. NCBI refrence: Part1: CAD54414(DNA: AJ511872), Part2:Translation of mRNA BC024540, Part2: CAD54416(DNA: AJ511873).
3   mouse   fasta domain >313   fasta       Gap in genome. Cterm: NCBI XP_921821(mRNA: XM_916728)              
4   mouse   fasta domain ~3443   fasta   Chr16qB3+   Several small gaps in protein. NCBI reference: AAM66254(mRNA: AF441786).            
5AC   mouse   fasta domain 3454   fasta   Chr7qF5+   Gap in PTS part. NCBI reference: Part1: CAD54412(DNA: AJ511870, Part2: CAD54413(DNA: AJ511871).
5B   mouse   fasta domain 4782   fasta   Chr7qF5+   NCBI reference: CAC84569(mRNA: AJ311906), NP_083077(mRNA: NM_028801).            
6   mouse   fasta domain >3098   fasta   Chr7qF5-   Gap in PTS part. NCBI reference: Part1: CAD54415(DNA: AJ511867 and AJ511868, Part2: CAD54411(DNA: AJ511869).    
7   mouse                   Only human.                    
8   mouse                   Only human.                    
9   mouse                   OVGP1(oviductal glycoprotein 1). NCBI reference: NP_031722(mRNA: NM_007696).          
10   mouse   fasta domain 273   fasta   Chr5qE1+   NCBI reference: NP_032670(mRNA: NM008644).                  
11   mouse                   Gap in genome.                    
12   mouse   fasta domain >250           Gap in genome. Cterm: Ensembl version 21.32b: ENSMUSP00000070870 or NCBI XP_357997 which was removed      
13   mouse   fasta domain 573   fasta   Chr16qB3+   NCBI reference: NP_149038(mRNA: NM_033049).                
14   mouse   fasta domain 261   fasta   Chr3qG3+   NCBI reference: BAA86226(mRNA: AB034693).                  
15   mouse                   Only human.                    
16   mouse   fasta domain >8284   fasta   Chr9qA2-   PTS part maybe more. NCBI reference: XP_357986(mRNA: XM_357986).            
17   mouse   fasta domain >1066   fasta   Chr5qG2-   Big gaps in genome. Maybe gaps in PTS part. NCBI reference: XP_355711(mRNA: XM_355711).        
18   mouse                   MCAM(melanoma cell adhesion molecule ). NCBI reference: NP_075548(mRNA: NM_023061).        
19   mouse   fasta domain 7524   fasta   Chr15qE3+   NCBI reference: AAS77382(mRNA: AY570293).                  
20   mouse   fasta domain 616   fasta   Chr16qB3-   NCBI reference: NP_666183(mRNA: NM_146071).                
21   mouse   fasta domain >275   fasta   Chr17qB1+   Fragment. NCBI reference: BAF92843.1(mRNA: AB242596).                
HEG   mouse   fasta domain 1313   fasta   Chr16qB3+   NCBI reference: NP_780465(mRNA: NM_175256).