Mucin Species   Protein Sequence Length   mRNA   DNA   Note                                          
1 human fasta gcg domain 1255 fasta plain Chr1q22- fasta NCBI reference: AAA60019(mRNA: J05582).
Variant CT58 domain plain
Variant CT80 domain plain
Variant SEC domain plain
Variant X domain plain
Variant Y domain plain
Variant ZD domain plain
2 human   fasta gcg domain 5179   fasta plain   Chr11p15.5+ fasta   NCBI reference: Q02817, AAB95295(mRNA: L21998), NP_002448(mRNA: NM_002457).                                
3(A) human fasta gcg domain >2541 fasta plain Chr7q22.1+ fasta PTS is not complete. NCBI reference:Part1: AAQ73824(DNA: AY307930), Part2: AAC02268(mRNA: AF007190), Part3: AAC02271(mRNA: AF007193), Part4: AAC02272(mRNA: AF007194), AAF13032(DNA: AF113616).
3B fasta ??? fasta NCBI reference: Part1: AAQ73825(mRNA: AY307931) Part2: BAB12117(mRNA: AB038783). Other MUC3B: CAC19572(DNA: AJ391390), BAB12115(DNA: AB038781).
Variant SEC     fasta gcg domain >2281   fasta plain         The 2nd exon after PTS is alternative spliced out and the protein stops at the 4th exon after PTS. NCBI reference: AAC02272(mRNA: AF007194).                      
4 human   fasta gcg domain 5284   fasta plain   Chr3q29- fasta   NCBI reference: CAB81773(mRNA: AJ276359), NP_060876(mRNA: NM_018406), AAA63230(mRNA: M64594).                            
5AC human   fasta gcg domain >5350   fasta plain   Chr11p15.5+     Genomic DNA is missing. NCBI reference: Part1: CAC83674(mRNA: AJ298317), Part2: CAC83675(mRNA: AJ298318), Part3: CAC83676(mRNA: AJ298319), Part4: CAA04737(mRNA: AJ001402).            
5B human   fasta gcg domain 5703         Chr11p15.5+     Genomic DNA and mRNA are missing. NCBI reference: Q9HC84.                                    
6 human   fasta gcg domain 2439   fasta plain   Chr11p15.5- fasta   NCBI reference: XP_290540(mRNA: XM_290540.4).                                      
7 human   fasta gcg domain 377   fasta plain   Chr4q13.3+ fasta   NCBI reference: AAH25688(mRNA: BC025688).                                        
8 human   fasta     2699   fasta     Chr12q24-     Maybe not mucin protein although called MUC8 (no signal sequence). NCBI reference: AAX21802(mRNA: AY945262).                          
9 human                         OVGP1(oviductal glycoprotein 1). NCBI reference: NP_002548(mRNA: NM_002557).                                
10                           Only found in mouse.                                          
11 human                         Part of MUC12                                          
12 human   fasta gcg domain 5478   fasta plain   Chr7q22.1+ fasta   NCBI reference: PTS: AAD55679(mRNA: AF147790), C-terminal: AAD55678(mRNA: AF147790).                              
13 human   fasta gcg domain 512   fasta plain   Chr3q21.2- fasta   NCBI reference: NP_149038(mRNA: NM_016885).                                      
14 human   fasta gcg domain 261   fasta plain   Chr4q23- fasta   NCBI reference: Q9ULC0(mRNA: NM_016242)                                        
15 human   fasta gcg domain 334   fasta plain   Chr11p14.2- fasta   NCBI reference: CAD_10624(mRNA: AJ417818).                                        
16 human   fasta gcg domain >22152   fasta     Chr19p13.2-     Missing signal sequence. NCBI reference: AAL65133(mRNA: AF414442).                                  
17 human   fasta gcg domain 4493   fasta plain   Chr7q22.1+ fasta   NCBI reference: CAE54435(mRNA: AJ606307).                                        
18 human                         MCAM(melanoma cell adhesion molecule ). NCBI reference: NP_006491(mRNA: NM_006500).                              
19 human   fasta gcg domain >4858   fasta plain   Chr12q12+ fasta   PTS+Cterm, N-term is missing. NCBI reference: AAP41817(mRNA: AY236870). Ensembl reference: Version 21.34d :ENSP00000298914(DNA: ENSG00000165960), ENSP00000331564(DNA: ENSG00000165960), ENSP00000331707(DNA: ENSG00000165960).
20 human   fasta gcg domain 709   fasta plain   Chr3q29+ fasta   NCBI reference: AAH44243(mRNA: BC044243).                                        
21 human   fasta gcg domain 566   fasta plain   Chr6_cox_hap1 fasta   NCBI reference: BAF92842.1(mRNA: AB242595.1).                                        
22 human   fasta gcg domain 1773   fasta plain   Chr6_alt HuRef fasta   NCBI Reference Sequence: AC_000138.1 Chromosome 6 (mRNA gi|311771748|ref|NM_001198815.1)                                        
HEG human   fasta gcg domain 1333   fasta plain   Chr3q21.2- fasta   NCBI reference: BAA86551(mRNA: AB033063).