Protein domain file:


SS (Yellow background)

Signal sequence.

PTS (Light orange)

Mucin domain. Rich of Pro, Ser, and Thr.

PTS (Red)

Mucin domain repeats part.

PTS (Red, bold)

Mucin domain 1 typical repeat unit.

VWD (Lime)

von Willebrand factor type D domain.

CysD/CysD (Pink)

Cys-rich domain inserted in or around PTS domains.

SEA (Blue)

Domain found in Sea urchin sperm protein, Enterokinase, Agrin (SEA). Proposed function of regulating or binding carbohydrate side chains.

CK (Plum)

Cys-knot domain. Comprises glycoprotein hormones and the C-terminal domain of various extracellular proteins. It is believed to be involved in disulfide-linked dimerisation.

TM (Turquoise background)

Transmembrane domain.

NIDO (Pale blue)

Nidogen-like domain, an extracellular domain found in nidogen and hypothetical proteins of unknown function.

AMOP (Lavender)

This domain may have a role in cell adhesion. It is called the AMOP domain after Adhesion associated domain in MUC4 and Other Proteins. This domain is extracellular and contains a number of cysteines that probably form disulphide bridges.

VWC (Pink background)

von Willebrand factor type C domain.

Gray (-50%)

The part in splice variant which is different from main sequence.


mRNA plain file:


Each paragraph is one exon.


DNA plain file:


Green background: PTS exon.

Gray background(-25%): Other exon.

Green letters: UTR.

Pink letters: SNP.